Van in Transit


Logistical and secure transportation services throughout the State of Michigan. In full compliance of the rigid rules of LARA for the Marijuana Industry. Blumfield Secure Transport is able to transport both recreational and medicinal cannabis throughout the state of Michigan. Blumfield Secure Transport has the capability to transport everything from small quantities in our climate-controlled vans to very large quantities in our box trucks or up to a 53' freight box. This enables us to give customer service tailored to your needs. We offer, standard delivery, expedited delivery, live plant transportation, trim delivery and vault services. Now available, flash freeze service options. Our vans are now equipped with freezers that adjust to ultra-low temperatures customized to our customers requirements. We also have the capability of storing and transporting plants within our 53' reefers.


We provide RFID tracking of your packages in our vehicle by scanning the content every minute that uploads to our servers. From there we pair the data with GPS and timestamp the information to draw a map outlining the pick up and delivery of your product. High accuracy GPS is combined with OBD (On Board Data) is provided to ensure the security of your product. Bi-Directional video cameras are placed on your shipment, inside the cab and on the exterior of the vehicle. Immediate connection to the dispatch center and an SOS feature if ever needed. Door monitoring and key in key out is required. Blumfield Secure Transport also has kill switch capability if the situation arises for vehicle immobilization.

Safety and Reliability
Vetted Employees


Blumfield Secure Transport prides itself on our staff's knowledge, moral integrity, and ability to follow procedure. Our drivers are vetted through background checks, drug screens, previous employment verifications and personal references. They are also required to go through a vigorous procedural and safety training. We are proud to be fortunate enough to have veterans and retired police officers working with